Dotted Wolf Spider

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Pretty against pink...this is Lycosa punctulata (aka Rabidosa punctulata). If she had been a tad more cooperative, or if I had been a tad quicker, I could have shown you her spotted belly. The underside of the abdomen has rather distinctive dots. Alas, she did not think it appropriate to have her underside photographed...


How You Doin'?

As I looked down the trail earlier today I saw a somewhat harried doe step out of the woods. She saw me, but couldn't smell me. The last winds from extra-tropical cyclone Noel were in my favor. She kept glancing back over her shoulder and I was curious as to what had her on edge. It wasn't long before the answer became evident. A buck stepped out of the woods and it was obvious he had romance on his mind. He followed the doe for a while despite her seeming disinterest. Eventually they stepped off into the woods again. Hmmm...
A few minutes later the doe re-emerged, looking suspiciously less harried. In another couple of minutes the buck sauntered out. He, too, appeared a bit more relaxed. ;)
(I had a nice close-up of the buck. Blogger ate it. I was not amused.)

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Maypop, Anyone?

Posted by PicasaA fine fat maypop - the fruit of the passion flower, Passiflora incarnata.

I tried to post a picture of the leaves and a very late blossom, but Blogger wouldn't have it.
Such is life.


While We're On the Subject...

Here's another little stinker: Acrosternum hilare, Green stink bug. The Latin names means "cheerful" or "lively" - don't you just wonder about the folks that assign these names...
Yes, that is my hand and no, he didn't anoint me.
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