A Small Foray

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For a brief time today I escaped the confines of the office and did a little trail scouting for a hike I am leading tomorrow. It was glorious! Blue, blue skies and milder temps made for a perfect day. Hope you had an equally awesome Tuesday.

Currently I am stuffed to the gills with some most excellent Vietnamese food - courtesy of SIL. She visited our favorite Vietnamese restaurant before she left Charlotte this morning. Such a considerate sister-in-law. Plus she came bearing gifts from the city, including a bottle of my favorite brandy! Two of the gifts came from one of our nieces. I will take a picture of them and post that tomorrow. She made one especially for Treebeard and one especially for me. Such a sweet niece!

The offspring will be coming in tomorrow, Hippie is coming in from Wilmington and Flamebrain is heading in from Raleigh. I have to work all day so there will be a cooking prep frenzy when I get home. Got to have everything ready for Thanksgiving dinner for my "babies." ;)



Snow...In the swamp...In November! Simply absurd.

If and when life calms down, I will return with images from the swamp.
Until then, I'll simply wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.
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It's At The Other House

Oy! What a weekend. We are trying desperately to get moved. Things are not going well.

Don't even ask me about the computer monitor I sent skidding across the intersection when I was making a right turn onto our new road. Note: ALWAYS double check to make sure that a car door is securely closed, NEVER just assume that it is. As my favorite 8th grade teacher Mrs. Clark taught us: To assume is to make an ass out of u and me. Been there, done that.

Currently, Treebeard is in the process of switching out the 3-prong cord on our ancient dryer with one of those new fangled 4-prong jobs that are now required by law in new construction. He switched to working on the dryer because the towel rack he was installing has a slight problem - it came from the factory with a cross-threaded screw. Despite a valiant effort on his part, he was unable to extract said screw. We purchased the towel rack from Lowe's and that is a 30-mile drive one-way. We had not figured that into our weekend timeline so returning defective merchandise will just have to wait a bit.

Plus every time we are at the old house we find that we need something that is at the new house. Everytime we are at the new house we discover that what we need is at the old house. The constant refrain rings through the air: It's at the other house!

And then there are the cats! Two at the old house having a glorious time running around getting into mischief, and two at the new house "helping" us move in. We need four cats like we need extra holes in our heads but darn it, they are just such sweet kitties! Oh yeah, Treebeard found the K key!!! It was, by some miracle and trick of physics, behind the monitor on the computer table. Yes, the very same monitor that I trashed by sending it skidding across the intersection...oy