Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga), aka water turkey or snake bird. Yeah, she's there, but you have to look hard. Not the most cooperative of subjects, but I was determined to get some sort of shot. Considering I was in a canoe and the bird was a good distance up in the tree, I had to settle for a through-the-foliage approach. We don't get these birds up our way that often, but two have been hanging out in the upper end of the pond all season. They have a very interesting flight profile - sort of a flying cross.
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Not So Green Treefrog

Tricky little green treefrog - Hyla cinerea - The picture I posted a few entries back seems to have hopped off my page so here is one to replace it. Green treefrogs are probably my favorite frog. You find them in the most unexpected places and their colors can be quite remarkable.
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Green Heron

The pond was full of herons and egrets today. We also saw a few osprey and a couple of anhingas. Anhingas are relatively uncommon here so it was interesting to see them and have the chance to get a couple of photos - not very good photos, but still. Of course, when I tried to post them they turned into the dreaded little red x in a box. I was not amused. It seems that Picasa and Blogger are up to no good again, gobbling up my pictures and closing unexpectedly. It's enough to make a person cuss. I still think a large part of the problem is my dial-up connection. Tomorrow I plan to call and make arrangements to have satellite service installed. It'll run us about $5o.oo a month, but at least my blood pressure might return to normal ;)
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Lilliputian Feather

While tromping through the swamp today looking for the keys Treebeard dropped on Thursday, we came upon this perfect little feather lying on the ground. Perhaps it's from a hummingbird...or maybe there is some other secret race of tiny birds inhabiting the wetlands ;)

By the way, we found Treebeard's keys -- he was quite relieved. Perhaps I will relate that tale in another post.
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Go Slowly and Share the Road

While on patrol in the park I have to be ever mindful of traffic...
If I had one of those speedy internet connections I would have included some of the other travelers on the road. Like the young turkeys, the green snake, the black racer, the black bear (he declined to be photographed), the umpteen butterflies, the marsh rabbit, and the mystery rodent that I just barely caught a glimpse of as he dove into the brush. Life on the road - ain't it grand?
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When you live in a swamp biting flies are a fact of life and make no mistake, it hurts when those critters bite! So nothing brings a smile to my face quicker than hearing the whir of wings as a dragonfly swoops in to pluck up one of those pestiferous flies before it can bite. The dragon pictured above is a Halloween Pennant, Celithemis eponina, standing guard in the wilds of the side-yard.
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A black swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes) caterpillar on a Queen Anne's Lace seed head.Posted by Picasa


There You Are!

Green treefrog hiding out behind the door. I don't blame him. It has been thirty kinds of hot around the swamp this summer.
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This little fellow was a bit braver than the one behind the door, but he still mananged to find a shady spot. Green treefrogs never cease to amaze me. The color variations are quite remarkable.
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