Sitting Pretty

High above the millpond a female hummingbird incubates her eggs. She built her nest of lichens and spider web on a dead branch in a bald cypress tree. Most people would have paddled by and never seen her, but my eagle-eyed Treebeard spotted her. Have I mentioned lately that Treebeard is a remarkable fellow? Well, he is and I am a lucky woman.
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Frog Heaven

The upper end of the millpond is a froggy place. Amid the leaves of the spatterdock you can find bullfrogs, green frogs, carpenter frogs, an abundance of green treefrogs, and a multitiude of cricket frogs to name a few types. Summer nights are deafening.
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A black-crowned night heron keeps an eye on its offspring.

This picture was part of a series of photos featuring a nest building barn swallow and a hummingbird incubating her eggs...Blogger ate 'em. I have spent an hour working on this post - I am not happy. It is my sincere wish that Blogger gets a bad case of indigestion from eating my photos :-<

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Happy Mother's Day

A little something from Treebeard's files. With a backyard like this, who could ask for anything more?
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Blogger Blues

You might have noticed that I've just about given up on blogging. Between a painfully slow dial-up connection and the perverse nature of Blogger itself (i.e. eating pictures!) I am approaching my upper limit of tolerance. I haven't even been able to respond to comments -- that drives me absolutely crazy. I value those of you who read this blog and I really appreciate your comments. So please, don't think I am ignoring you!

Perhaps a new computer is in order or perhaps a change in service providers would help...we'll see. Meanwhile I'll try to post when I can.
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