A Few More Snow Shots

One of my goals for the coming year is to do a better job of posting on my blog. Sadly, I don't have much to post since we are still pretty much covered by a sheet of white, but post I will.

The millpond is beautiful to me no matter the season. She looks very nice dressed in the greens of summer or the whites and grays of winter.

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After I shoveled snow all day yesterday I treated myself to a walk along the boardwalk in the work swamp. There weren't many signs of critters stirring but I did see some bear tracks.


Wonder if his toes were cold ;)
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Treebeard has a birthday coming up on the 31st. Since I have that day off, perhaps we will celebrate by going for a nice long walk if it isn't raining. Maybe I'll be able to get pictures of something other than snow to share with you.


Nature Watching Interrupted

Snow shovels and cameras don't mix. The past couple of days have been full of shoveling and very little picture-taking. I hope to remedy that soon. Meanwhile, here is a sample of one of my little paths through the snow...

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Happy Boxing Day

It started snowing last night and it hasn't stopped. We have over 7 inches right now and we're expecting several more inches before nightfall. I guess this is our Boxing Day present.

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We put some birdseed out on the porch creating a new channel on kitty TV.
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For Your Christmas Party

Okay, I'm sharing this with you because I am a professional and I feel it is my duty...

A holiday factoid sure to make you the hit of any party:

Mistletoe comes from the Anglo-Saxon words mistel and tan. Now, it is important to know that mistel translates to dung and tan translates to twig. So while you are smooching under the mistletoe be sure to impress your smoochee with your knowledge and say something smooth like, "By the way, did you know that the word mistletoe means "dung on a twig"...



We had company out on the boardwalk today. A slight rustle in the leaves drew our attention, and pretty soon an opossum came wandering into view. As soon as it saw us it started looking for a way to avoid us. Its solution was to climb a grape vine.

Climbing up a grape vine

Hoping I didn't see him.

Such a cute face.
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An Afternoon Stroll

Treebeard and I decided to stretch our legs this afternoon with a stroll down to the pond. Some of the snow that fell on Thursday is still with us and the pond is covered with an icy slush. Below are a few things that caught my eye as we walked.

Bright green fronds of Christmas fern don't seem to mind the snow cover.
A hardy little violet blooms despite the chill.

"Nerve cells" dot the surface of the pond.  The weirdness of water never ceases to amaze me.

Mr. Opossum wanders first one way...
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and then the other.
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The varied grays and blacks of the pond in late fall and winter have always appealed to me.

A congregation of cypress knees.
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Oysters on ice :)

A view from a "hill" above the pond.

A lace collar rings a tree standing in shallow water.

A hedgehog fungus hangs on.
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The weatherman says we have a slight chance for more snow tonight. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if that didn't happen. I'm a southern girl and too much snow sorta scares me ;-)


In Your Face

Indoor beasts...




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What? You don't like cats? Then talk to the paw.
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Redundant Post

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. We have had our 3rd accumulating snow and it isn't even winter yet. This morning we had snow followed by sleet and rain in the afternoon. Luckily we haven't had ice, but the weird thing is that the snow hasn't melted in the rain. The result is a slushy, nasty mess.

Through the window this morning...

From the front porch this afternoon after several hours of rain...

Smidgen's print in the snow -- he did not like it at all.
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The weather folks are saying we have a chance for more wintery weather this weekend - oh boy :\


"And the snow will remain to our west..."

Well, the weatherman was wrong. It snowed all day long here. We didn't have any significant accumulation, but it sure was pretty falling.

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