Vacation Redux

For the next several days I will be posting pictures of our trip to Maine and Canada. Aren't you lucky that you have the option of viewing them or not? Just think, if we had invited you over to dinner and then set up the DVD projector you would not have that option -- you would be trapped, forced to watch.

So here we go...(now's your chance to bolt)

The trip up was fairly uneventful. Lots of toll booths and traffic. We made pit stops as necessary.

One such stop was at a New Jersey service area where we saw this Cat with an attitude. If you can't read the little white sign in the background, click the image to enlarge it. The cat was really pretty and really street-wise. He seemed to be making a good living -- hopefully on hand-outs and not native wildlife.

Room with a view? After about 11 hours on the road, we stopped to spend the night in Connecticut. This is the view that greeted us in the morning. I'm sure the rest of West Haven is more attractive. At least the bed was comfortable :)

Our first stop in Maine was at Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. We found the Refuge quite by accident - just happened to see the sign while we were looking for something else. We stopped for lunch and a quick walk around a one-mile loop trail.

The trail had some beautiful views.

On our walk we saw familiar things such as this Indian Cucumber-root...

...as well as the unusual - at least for us - such as this chipmunk sitting on a branch in a white pine. Although chipmunks are found pretty much throughout NC, they are rare in our part of the state. I love the little rodents and I get very excited when I see one - much to the amusement of those around me.

More later.


Floridacracker said...

Would there be popcorn if we were trapped with the DVD projector?

Keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

Loving the pictures, but where's the dinner!!

swamp4me said...

Wait a minute, let me get my notebook...that's popcorn for FC and some dinner for Lynne. Okay, I'm on it!

Cathy said...

This is what I love about your blog - the mix of good-natured humor "(now's your chance to bolt)",the great pictures and the interesting nature observations. The Rachel Carson NWR plaque photo has me wondering about your opinion on the World Health Organizations's plans to recommend the use of DDT in third world countries where apparently malaria is still a serious problem.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Looking forward to more photos! I've not seen Indian Cucumber-root this year.

meresy_g said...

I get excited about chipmunks too. I've only ever seen one at our current house in 4 years :(
My farmer neighbors have too many barn cats I suppose.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Cute little Chip. Wonder when he decided to become a monk?