Along The Trail Today

I had an opportunity to walk a couple of miles this afternoon -- I was trying to catch a couple of hunting dogs...but that's another story. Anyway, while I was out I saw a few things I wanted to share.


...from that.

Now wait a minute...I thought this was supposed to be a blog about swamp things. What's a seashell doing in a swamp? Isn't it another 60 miles to the coast?

Not-so-little-bitty kitty feet...bobcat tracks next to a boot track. I saw tons of bobcat sign on the trail. In addition to numerous tracks, I found a couple of places where the cat had marked territory with some tidy scat piles and scratchings. (The tracks were probably made early this morning, we had rain last night.)


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that Lightning Whelk shell is about very, very old ... maybe last interglacial period?

Rurality said...

We find shells like that around here sometimes too. Only not so intact, usually. :)

SquirrleyMojo said...

hey, i want to hear the hunting dog story

Cathy said...

I love 'this' from 'that'. There's something so precious about transient phenomena - an evanscent frost impression - a fleeting shadow effect.

(Hope the dogs weren't irrevocably 'fleeting')

swamp4me said...

Yes, it is a very old shell, unearthed years ago when the canal was dug. I'd love to find someone to date it for me -- it would make a great addition to an interpretive program.

I don't know how these have managed to stay intact all these years. It is exciting to find one so complete.

I'm afraid the story would be one of woe for the ranger in pursuit of the dogs...the dogs won the first round. I did manage to catch one yesterday though. He seemed very happy to be caught -- especially when I fed him, gave him a good rub, and provided him a warm place to rest while he waited for his irresponsible owner to come pick him up.

I feel the same way about the ephemeral things. There were some great frost crystals this morning that I wish I could have captured. Alas, work doesn't always allow me the opportunity to take the photos I want. And don't worry about the dogs...I know they can't read the boundary signs that clearly state "No Hunting". I just wish their owners would be more careful and not release them so close to our boundary line. We have 22 square miles of swamp in our park - that's a lot of space in which to lose a dog.

SquirrleyMojo said...

now that story gives me a whole lot of detail and insight into who you are Swampy! (for example, i never knew exactly what you do--how exciting, i'll be thinking about it all day) hmmmm. :-) hope the other fido turns up safely.