How You Doin'?

As I looked down the trail earlier today I saw a somewhat harried doe step out of the woods. She saw me, but couldn't smell me. The last winds from extra-tropical cyclone Noel were in my favor. She kept glancing back over her shoulder and I was curious as to what had her on edge. It wasn't long before the answer became evident. A buck stepped out of the woods and it was obvious he had romance on his mind. He followed the doe for a while despite her seeming disinterest. Eventually they stepped off into the woods again. Hmmm...
A few minutes later the doe re-emerged, looking suspiciously less harried. In another couple of minutes the buck sauntered out. He, too, appeared a bit more relaxed. ;)
(I had a nice close-up of the buck. Blogger ate it. I was not amused.)

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Cathy said...

No cigarettes, eh?

That's pretty amazing.