Mortar Mix Madness

No pictures, just a list of lessons learned today.

Lesson one: Mortar mix and concrete mix are two very different beasts with entirely different temperaments. Right now I'm liking concrete more than mortar.

Lesson two: You can't really tell if your mortar mix has too much or not enough water in it until you start your application. While it looked dry in the wheelbarrow, it looked downright soggy when I started constructing my bird bath. Oy.

Lesson three: Eastern pondhawks (dragonflies) are a lot like cats...if you are working on something they like to get either on it or on you, or both. By the time I finished my task I counted no less than a dozen pondhawks "helping" me.


Caroline said...

No need for pictures, been where you are, everything you say is true! Our schnauzer has a habit of needing to see what is going on and getting his nose between the hammer head and whatever you are trying to hammer. Cat is just as helpful, not plagued with dragonflies, though.
Hope your birdbath came out fine. I have one fashioned from leftover concrete from a front porch project. It is very popular.

Floridacracker said...

Cement is just stressful period.

Anonymous said...

Swampy-Your readership will expect a picture of the finished project sans dragonflies or avec dragonflies as a birdbath would attract them. Maineiac

swamp4me said...

It is good to know that others have shared the experience ;)

So very true. Fickle stuff!

Oh no, not this birdbath -- don't want to break my camera ;) I have, however, learned from my mistakes and will be making another attempt. This time I intend to do it "backwards" and see if I get a better result...Stay tuned.
BTW, we are having serious Maine cravings that can't be satisfied. Please do us a favor: Go outside, take a walk, breathe some delicious Maine air, and have a nice chat with a chipmunk or a red squirrel.

Anonymous said...

Swampy- The sun finally appeared after four weeks of clouds and rain. Now the rain is at night and the sun appears in the morning. The red squirrels are very vocal, booming their territories in the neighborhood. The cats brought me a chipmunk the other day. It had chewed a hole in the screening and was captured by both cats. After twenty minutes of rearranging furniture, Mr. Chipmunk was saved by the kitchen tongs and returned to the outdoors. Yesterday there was a very vocal chipmunk out front, I suspect the visitor proclaiming his glee at having escaped the clutches of my cats. Maineiac

swamp4me said...

"...saved by the kitchen tongs..." is a phrase that will bring a smile to my face all day!

Woodduck said...

Interested in your birdbath. Post all steps and pictures, please.
Hope your tick illness is getting better.
At least the birds are getting some good ol'rainwater.