Flowers Along the River

Our day along the river yielded more than fish. Tucked along the bank here and there was a nice variety of flowering plants...

A viburnum -- most likely Arrow-wood

American snowbell

Blueflag iris

Blue-eyed grass (Sisyrinchium sp.)

Lance-leaved violet


Woodswalker said...

Beautiful! I always find Lance-leaved Violets along a riverbank, but with so much flooding this year I probably will miss them. I don't think I've EVER seen American Snowbells. Must be a southern flower.

biobabbler said...

Nice! They're all so white! I saw blue-eyed grass today, too (well, S. bellum) and posted it on blog, too. Love unexpected beauty in nature. btw, that snake shot on your header STILL kills me. SO CUTE!!

Mary said...

Please excuse me for leaving this note here, but I could not find contact information on your blog. I'm from the plant carnival Berry Go Round and have a question for you. Thanks.