Birding with Friends

We headed for the Outer Banks last Saturday to do a little birding with some friends from the Raleigh/Durham area.  We met them at Alligator River Wildlife Refuge before heading down to the beach.  There was still ice on the roads at Alligator River, but the sun was out so it wasn't too bad.

I am breaking in a new camera.  We aren't on a first name basis yet, I'm afraid.  It's a popular camera and I have been told that I am the only person who doesn't love it.  I'm trying...I'm just not there yet.  So why am I whining about the camera?  Because, I missed several shots of birds Saturday that I could have gotten with my old camera.  That being said, we had fun and got to see lots of good birds.  The only casualty of the day was my lens adapter (with my UV filter) -- it took a dive off the Bonner Bridge into Oregon Inlet.

Here are a few of the birds we saw:

 Northern Shoveler

 A shy Gadwall

Wilson's Snipe

 Ruddy Duck

Band-tailed Pigeon - a western species paying a visit

Harlequin Duck - another unusual visitor

Purple Sandpiper

It was cloudy, windy, and pretty darn chilly on the Banks, but we stayed until we lost the light.

My birding buddies' backs.


catharus said...

Nice! Looks chilly...

swamp4me said...

catharus, it was downright cold. The trip home was tense because of some serious fog, but I'm glad we went.

From Bluebirds to Turtles said...

I am interested in which camera is your new one ...and what is your old one? I need one foe birds at 15 to 30 feet distance. I have been using my wife's little Panasonic Lumix for my little blog "Frombluebirdstoturtles.blogspot.com" But most of that is close up stuff. I bought a GE camera sometime back but it takes forever for the shutter to fire off. Very frustrating. I saw a blip about Lillian Stokes and her new Canon SX 50. I love more info on your two cameras and your experience. I love following your blog. The Prothonotary Warbler photo was sublime!!! aubrey

swamp4me said...

Hi Aubrey,
These pictures were taken with my Canon SX 50 HS. I am slowly getting used to it. I am still partial to my old camera, a Panasonic Lumix FZ47. The Canon has greater zoom, but the Panasonic has a superior lens in my opinion. No matter what I do, I can't get as sharp a photo with the Canon as I could with the Panasonic (before I wore it out)! I could also focus MUCH closer with the Panasonic. Most of my naturalist friends are delighted with the SX50 but it seems terribly "fiddly" to me. Just bear in mind that I do not consider myself a photographer by any stretch of the imagination. I am a snap-shot shooter ;)

From Bluebirds to Turtles said...

Hi, Swamp4me!
Sorry I forgot to check back for your reply. Thank you for your insights. I'm thinking I might check into the Lumix based on your comments and the success I've had with my wife's FS15 12MP. I love nature and especially little details, but am not a professional photographer. It takes me a bit to figure out all the buttons and what they can do to help.
Thanks again and I really do love your blog.

Vertical garden planter said...

A Red Maple got a jump on its neighbors. Most are still in bud, but this one has flowers in bloom.That is great.