Spring - Slowly

Spring has been doing a two-steps-forward, one-step-back routine this year. Leaves have been slow to come out, flowers have bloomed "off schedule," and temperatures have bounced between downright chilly and downright hot. But it could be worse, so I won't complain (too much).

My first green treefrog didn't make its appearance until April 10th. I was beginning to go through withdrawal. Prior to the one pictured above, the only other green treefrog I had seen this year was a dead one under a log I rolled while looking for salamanders.

Brown Water Snakes have been scarce, too. We usually see them in March. This year they waited until April to make an appearance. There are at least two snakes in this picture, by the way.

Cottonmouths are another story. We've been seeing them out since early March.

One of the gators has been napping on this log pretty regularly on warmish days. He doesn't seem too bothered by the unpredictability of this spring.
As for me and Floyd (aka Treebeard), we're going with the flow, hiking and paddling when the weather allows. We're keeping track of our FOYs (first of year) and looking forward to more consistent weather.  We're also looking forward to butterflies, dragonflies, amphibians, and reptiles...whatever Mother Nature sees fit to share.


catharus said...

Swampy indeed! That gator loos to be quite the size!
All cool stuff!
Are you near the great dismal swamp?

swamp4me said...

The gator is a bit over 9 feet now. It really likes that particular log for basking.
The Great Dismal Swamp is a few miles away. I used to work in the Dismal, but I retired two years ago.

Emma Springfield said...

Great up close pictures of your FOY creatures. I love it!

Plant pot said...

Thanks for your sharing.