Cold and Quiet


I seem to be a little more "one" with my computer today. Still having trouble getting pictures where I want them. Case in point, the picture of the eye should be in my profile -- alas, it is not. But that will be remedied eventually. Live and learn, blog and learn.
We have had our second snow in as many days...this has certainly been a January of sharp contrasts. The first two weeks were warm and springlike. I saw a cottonmouth sunning on January 3rd and the alligators were out and about as well. Bet all those reptilian types are hunkered down today.
This morning I walked from the house, through the woods, to the millpond. It was so beautiful -- my camera can't begin to do it justice.
Lots of ducks and geese on the pond today. The ice in the swamps must be making them move into the more open water of the pond. The prize sighting of the day was an adult bald eagle flying over the water. Other birds seen today include pileated woodpeckers, downy woodpeckers, golden crowned kinglets, juncos, fox sparrows, carolina wrens, cardinals, canada geese, wood ducks, mallards, pied-billed grebes, american widgeon, and red-shouldered hawk.
The only mammal signs I saw during my walk were some rabbit and deer tracks.

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