A Slow Start

Web sprites, that must be what it is...an infestation of web sprites. I had hoped to post a picture or two today but it seems that is not going to happen. If and when my software and I begin to come to an understanding, I will return. But for now I choose to go outside -- it's cold, but at least no error pages will pop up to taunt me.


SquirrleyMojo said...

“Most of all, don’t go into the forest,” she said. Helen’s eyes flickered up at the split ends in my hair, she saw the way light fractured irredicently. Sure, I can be both inside and out.
She described the forest as dark, and because she thought that I prized the value of things which are seen, she seemed to beg me not to enter. Curious. Certainly shapes that lurked in the darkness held potential, as well as dread.
“It wouldn’t be reasonable to,” she urged. Her voice drifted off, supposedly remembering the fairies that lit up tree stumps found in this forest. Having pulled off the thick, feathered wing of one such elf, Helen wouldn’t soon likely forget the feel of their plump, wriggling bodies.

An excerpt from a book I might come back too . . .

swamp4me said...
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