Summer, it seems, has arrived with a vengence. After being chilly and damp for most of the spring it has become hot (highs in the mid-90s) and humid all of a sudden. To counter all that heat, I opted to pull up a couple of picures in shades of cooling purple.

Clematis crispa -- Blue Jasmine Leather-flower. (May 20th)

Scutellaria integrifolia -- Hyssop Skullcap. (June 3rd)


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Both a masculine and feminine representation of the floral?

Hyssop SKULLCAP sounds like either an angry pirate or a skate punk interrupting my mocha with whip cream in front of the shopping mall. SKULLCAP.

lené said...

The blue jasmine flower is so beautiful. I haven't seen that one before.

Your magnolia shot inspired me to call my mother at 10:30pm the other night and tell her to type in your blog address. She grew up in Alabama and Georgia, and has a love for magnolias.

We had fun flipping through many pages of your blog together over the phone. I said, "Doesn't it make you want to go to the swamp?" She said, "No, but it makes me want to go back to this blog." :)

Some of us one to meet the creatures in person while others want to enjoy our stories of the meetings, and in your case, the pictures too.


Mia, the Nature Nut said...

Thank you for the cooling effect of the clematis crispa - it worked!

Many plants in my garden are similarly 'crispy', as our temperatures are high as well.

Actually, the structure of the flower on the clematis crispa reminds me of my clematis texensis 'Etoile Rose'.

Nice site, I have added it to my Bloglines newsfeed.

SquirrleyMojo said...

i love how the 2nd is just a bit out of focus and all purpley fuzzy

SquirrleyMojo said...

how;d your son finish up his gender studies this year--please tell me he at least turned in all of his work! ;-)