Stolen Moments

...from a short walk I took to clear my head and re-focus my eyes. Less than a month to go in my training program. Perhaps I will survive afterall ;)
But please send me any positive energy you have to spare...I don't want to take any chances. Posted by Picasa


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Positive Engergy...ACTIVATE!! Shape of: A curled lip. Form of: A form in white with shaking hips. Sound of: THE KING OF ROCK N ROLL...

"I got a
I got a
I got a
feelin' in my body
this could be our lucky day"

Jenn said...

I think we are as anxious as you are to get you back into your natural environment.

Soon. Soon!

Floridacracker said...

I took a walk at Manatee Springs recently...a deer was wading through the cypress swamp dining on submerged greens, each stump seemed to hold a moccasin or water snake, and at least a hundred black vultures roosted in the treetops. I remember thinking, "Man, Swampy would love this".

Picture that scene for a little positive energy. We are all rooting for ya'!

woverman said...

YAY! You ARE alive... I'll have to inform the other concerned Far Side member! :-P

How much longer are you in that dreaded place called school? I hope it's going good!

Wayne said...

As Jenn says - you belong in your natural environment. Your current one has been going on for such a long time. I recall you saying that it was all worthwhile because you so loved your job. I hope you'll tell us all about it. It strikes me as a pretty significant professional training.

Best wishes on the next few weeks!

Anvilcloud said...

Glad you checked in.

Rurality said...

Just the other day I was thinking, "Boy I sure do miss Swampy, especially this time of year!"

Not so much longer now! :)

Pushesrb said...

You really are alive! Yay!

I know you can't wait until you get out of classes! I've thought about you a lot with all of the springtime things going on. All of the snakes, spiders, birds, and animals of all sorts, and of course all of the beautiful scenery. We need to meet up sometime and go kayaking out on the pond!

Miss you tons!

doubleknot said...

Glad to see your post. I have been checking in once a day but as I am new to your blog I didn't know you were away at school.

Here goes: Positive Energy going your way through the air and wind and any obstructions in the way.

chryscat said...

Here's some positive energy, hon. I haven't been to the swamp in awhile. Missed the pictures.