Another Carport Critter

Last night I went out onto the carport to get something out of my truck. As I stepped out of the door I heard a rustle off to my left. As you know, things can be sort of wild around here so I felt it prudent to step back in the house and turn on the carport light -- I usually don't turn it on when I go out because a wren likes to roost in the light fixture and I don't like to scare her.

A quick scan of the ground around the door didn't reveal anything, but my peripheral vision picked up some movement at eye level just off to my left. Ah ha! Something was in the grape vine. Perhaps I would have my chance to catch that blasted cat...

But no, a closer look revealed the culprit - a porch 'possum - possibly the same opossum that made a visit to my stove drawer a couple of months back. The little guy was a tad bedazzled by the light and a little confused by the three faces staring at him (Treebeard and Flamebrain had stepped out to see what I was laughing at.). I dashed back into the house to grab the camera while the guys watched the 'possum.

When I got back out the critter decided it was time to amble off a little deeper into the grape vine. I did manage to snap a couple of shots though. If you look closely at the photo in the lower left quadrant of the grid you will see that the opossum has an apple core in his mouth. How do I know it is an apple core, you ask...because Treebeard gave it to him. Even with all the commotion, the little guy reached out and took the apple core when Treebeard offered it up. Opportunistic little suckers, 'possums.

What's that in my grape vine?!?

[If opossums aren't your thing, cruise over to SwampStuff to check out a post on butterflies.]


Floridacracker said...

I'm sure you wrote TB a ticket. :)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

How cute! They also love dry cat food (Meow Mix Original), so I leave it out at night for them and for the skunk as well.

swamp4me said...

FC, no ticket for Treebeard. We're all about the lowest level of enforcement to gain compliance, so he just got a verbal warning this time :)

Abandoned, I'm not sure what this guy for scrounging for. There were some fresh vegetables from the garden and some bird seed out on the carport, but that's about it.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

You have the makings for a good children's story/book: The Opportunistic Opossum and the Apple Core Gang

meresy_g said...

Very cute possum. And very nice of Treebeard to offer him a snack.