Darn Cats

Okay...that's it. What is it with these cats? I have no food outside, the dog guards the carport...yet, here's another stray, invading my curtilage.


I just want to tell people around here: spay or neuter, PLEASE!


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Maybe this is the new and improved Swamp Ready Feline? Maybe he/she/it is part of the local surroundings. Maybe there's a bubbling of them out there and they're about to EXPLODE in number. Maybe they'll "sing" you to sleep each night and then control your mind with the bacteria in their droppings and this will be a new made-for-tv movie by Disney.

Or. Maybe not.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I have spayed & neutered all the cats that have wandered into my yard which now number 7. But fixing them doesn't stop them from wandering. It only stops them from reproducing.

swamp4me said...

Mr. B, I don't think that would be a Disney flick, it would be a horror film! And the little suckers can keep their toxoplasmic poopies to themselves :)

AiP, exactly right, it doesn't stop them from wandering. That's why I firmly believe cats should be kept indoors and not allowed to roam free. I don't think dogs should roam free either. Both are domesticated animals and have thus become the responsibility of human beings.

Floridacracker said...

How true your response to AIP. The problem is that for the most part, dog owners do keep control of their pet...while cat owners don't.
Leash laws tend to target dogs (which is good) while cats and their owners have few restrictions.

I can't think of any animal I detest more than the FERAL cat ... well, ... maybe the human animal that released it into the wild ...yeah, the feral cat is number two on my list.
I stand corrected.

Cathy said...

Feral or my neighbor's darlings - my blood pressure boils when I see them stalking my birds.

What is your opinion on racoons being drawn into the backyard by birdseed and peanuts broadcast on the ground? I think the young are precious. Am I making a mistake by not discouraging them from bathing in the birdbath and nibbling seed etc. ?

swamp4me said...

cathy, raccoons are cute, but I don't think I would encourage them too much. They are by nature curious and get into everything. I am also a little leary of them due to the fact that they are a major vector of rabies -- at least in my area. Of course, that poses no danger to your birds, but it could put you or any pets you may have at risk.
Still, they are downright irresitible, aren't they?

Kentucky Brat said...

BUT BUT BUT... its a PREETTY Kitty!!

FC-Kitties and leashes really don't go together.

Cathy- I have racoons too.. they come for the kitty food!! I also worry about rabies, so we do keep a close eye on them. But they love my backyard cat (who is a VERY good boy and stays in our backyard, or the next door neighbors when her little boy is out.. they are friends.) Back to the racoons, they run around and jump over Scooter like he's just one of the clan.