Chilly Spring

Netted chain fern is starting to unfurl. Me, I'm still curled by the fire -- it's chilly here.
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Wayne said...

Is it still called Woodwardia? Regardless, one of my favorites. Just uncommon enough (around here) to delight, but happy to propagate and emerge each spring.

Anonymous said...

do you think plant/animal life will suffer much under these odd weather conditions?


swamp4me said...

Yes, it is a woodwardia, Woodwardia areolata. It is one of my favorites.

Having a hard freeze in April is unusual for us. Many of the early bloomers got killed and that will result in diminished supplies of berries and some nuts. The animals who depend on these food supplies are going to have a lean year I'm afraid.

Cathy said...

Ooooh. I clicked on it and saw that exquisite fiddle head. My backyard ferns (I think they're 'Interrupted' and 'Wood' fern) sent up fuzzy fiddleheads a few weeks ago. The squirrels ALWAYS devour the first crop. Are you familiar with this behavior?

swamp4me said...

I know the deer, rabbits, and even beaver love to nibble on these fiddleheads but I haven't seen squirrels eat them. I feel certain they would though, such a tasty temptation ;)

Anonymous said...

What a *beautiful* photo. Kathy in Kentucky

Anonymous said...

You've been busy and I've missed some interesting work--