Sitting Pretty

High above the millpond a female hummingbird incubates her eggs. She built her nest of lichens and spider web on a dead branch in a bald cypress tree. Most people would have paddled by and never seen her, but my eagle-eyed Treebeard spotted her. Have I mentioned lately that Treebeard is a remarkable fellow? Well, he is and I am a lucky woman.
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Floridacracker said...

Wow, good spotting.
How rare to see that, but I seem to remember some earlier amazing hummers at the feeder shots of yours.
I'm betting Treebeard thinks he's a lucky guy too.

I wanted to comment a few posts back when blogger had you irritated.
It was eating my photos too for awhile until I figured out that my high megapixel shots were over the 3megapixel picasa/blogger limit for posting.
Even a single shot is usually over 3 mp.

Now I choose my 4 shots and export them to another temporary file. This downsizes them so that all 4 combined will fall under the 3 megapixel upload limit.

This has worked wonders.
I don't know if this 3 mp limit was the source of your problems uploading, but I thought I'd share this.

Take care Swampy.

Cathy said...

FC's comments regarding that special 'shrinking' (technophobic old lady's jargon) file were very interesting.

I guess you and tree beard have a special thing going there. So nice. Every bit as nice a that precious hummingbird nest.

Anonymous said...

When you are ready to build your book, let this squirrel know!