Tiny Treasures

Scattered among the browns of dead leaves littering the forest floor, we spotted some tiny treasures of late winter...

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A perky little violet, either Viola affinis or V. sororia. I wasn't paying attention to the leaves, so I'm not certain which of the two species this flower represents. Treebeard has both species listed in the park's database.

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The elusive least trillium, Trillium pusillum var. virginianum.

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And the humble little common starwort, Stellaria media.


Cathy said...

Very timely. I really need some reassurance that Spring hasn't completely stalled. I'm linking to you on my post today.

Kerri said...

Lovely flowers!

Rurality said...

Oh! I'm so jealous of your beautiful little pusillum that I can't even think straight. Sigh. I keep thinking that I can find one here by willpower alone. ;) So far no joy, of course.

When you get a chance, I could use your most excellent wildlife ID skills... I've got a couple of mystery nighttime critters on the blog today. I'd love to know what you think!

sage said...

Well, up here the snow is almost gone, but not quite. It'll be another 4 weeks or so before there will be many wildflowers, another 8 before the canopy unfurls...

I saw your name (Swampthing, North Carolina) in another blog and popped over. I grew up in SE NC, brought a canoe when I was 16, and have posted some about those experiences in my blog. Interestingly, as an adult, I've lived much of my life in the desert as my name implies.

NatureGirl said...

Let me try this again - I think I accidentally deleted my comment!

Anywho, I am also a naturalist (although I think you say you are a ranger, technically), located up in the Adirondack Park of New York. We still have about 30" of snow on the ground, so it has been nice to read your posts of near-Spring happenings. Makes me miss the Great Swamp in NJ where I used to work (and I never thought I'd miss NJ).

From a kindred spirit, thanks for your blog. The photos are terrific and the posts are both delightful and insightful.

Jane Marie said...

I can almost smell the fresh wet earth. I love walking in the woods in spring!

nina said...

So pretty your wildflowers of spring. Violets are always my favorite--their faces so friendly greeting you from the brown, tired leaves of winter!

And I like your salamanders, too.
I'm having a ball watching my vernal pools every night--and finding spotteds!