Back to Normal...I Hope

You may have noticed (or perhaps not) that posts and replies to comments have been a little shy around here lately. Trust me, it hasn't been by choice. Life has a way of kicking you around now and again. Let's just say that March is a month Treebeard and I were glad to see the last of. It was a month of anxiety, necessary separation and painful loss. We are a little weary as a result. But, I am an optimist and I have to feel that things are on the up-swing. For one thing, our house is finally under construction! Yes, folks, we have a foundation and the framers are due to start on Monday. I spent one day this week picking out flooring (hardwood, carpet, and vinyl), cabinets, and countertops. Having lived in park housing my entire adult life I've never experienced having a choice in such things. Heady stuff, don't you know.

Anyway, I hope to start posting things of swampy interest here in the very near future. Everything is greening up, blooming and busting out. Butterflies are flying, dragonflies are emerging and pollen is coating everything in bright yellow. Spring is my favorite season and I plan on sharing -- even if I have to resort to pilfering more photos from Treebeard :>. (Do you know that that stinker saw a woodcock with five chicks the other day?!?! Such excess!)

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with a couple of my pictures of a dragonfly emerging. They're sort of representative of how I'm feeling.

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Hugh said...

Sorry to hear you've been through a difficult time. It's nice to see you back, and congratulations on your new home.

Jane said...

How exciting! a new home... I'm glad you feel like it's a bit of a "rebirth". I'm keeping everything crossed for you.

I'd never seen a dragonfly emerging.. so thanks for the photo. Stunning. Jane

SquirrleyMojo said...

glad to hear you pulled through a difficult time--spring is a blessing


Floridacracker said...

March was that way for us too.
We go on.
Pretty exciting to be choosing your own stuff!

Pushesrb said...

March just seems to have a knack for being a tough month. SO excited about your house!!! :) Woverman and I just spoke about that last night as a matter of fact. Update me soon. :)

Jenn said...

Oo! Housebuilding is SO exciting. And it's the kind of excitement that passes along well.

SO excited for you!

Cathy said...

How neat! I can imagine that the prospects of new digs has you feeling pretty springy.

Where be the wings on that dragonfly? More pixes, later ?

swamp4me said...

Thanks. Things are getting better finally -- the third bad thing happened the 1st of April so maybe we're done for a while...not that a person such as myself is superstitious or anything ;)

An emerging dragonfly always amazes me. It is such an arduous process and the poor thing is so vulnerable the whole time.

Spring is definitely a blessing -- I feel better when I see things stirring back to life.

I just caught up on reading your blog -- you did have a rough March. Hope your family is doing well. The choosing our own stuff is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. I'll have no one to blame if the final result is hideous ;)

Things are coming along. If the weather would cooperate, they would come along more quickly! I'll try to get some pictures later this week.

Thanks. It is exciting - scary, but exciting.

No further pix of that particular dragonfly, I'm afraid. I had to leave to do an outreach program for a group of senior citizens and by the time I got back the dragonfly had flown (seniors tend to ask lots of questions and then they invited me to stay for lunch...)