Happy Friday


Some days you eat the bugs, other days the bugs eat you. Check out the fat skeeter on the green frog's back leg.
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Woodswalker said...

What a great shot! So skeeters like frog's blood, too?

Woodswoman Extraordinaire said...

GREAT photo! It shows the revenge of the mosquitoes, apparently. Personally, I'm hoping the frog noticed the mosquito and snacked on him right back.

swamp4me said...

Seems there's a skeeter for every critter. I see them on lizards and turtles, too

I know...the frog could have just turned its head and flipped out its tongue ;)

KaHolly said...

Leave it to you!! Great capture, super post - certainly got a smile out of me! ~karen

swamp4me said...

Thanks :)

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

That looks like it could be the big brother to the little frogs I just posted about!

swamp4me said...

I saw your frogs -- they were quite cute. They seemed to like your glove.