Laying Low

It is hot, hot, hot outside. We topped 100 degrees F yesterday, but the weatherman tells us it will be "cooler" today with highs just in the upper 90s ;) Pretty outrageous temperatures for June. Our garden looks rough and there are some corn fields here in the county that we be a total loss if they don't get rain soon.  There are few beasties out and about during the heat of the day.  Most are seeking shade in sheltered spots.  The American toad in the photo had wallowed himself out a nice little hole in the cool gravel of the walkway at work.  He moved on to a cooler locale when the sun hit him.
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The rabbits are still active despite the heat.  I have to shoo this little guy out of the driveway every morning.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of the rabbit at work on Wednesday.  It was stretched out flat on its belly in the relatively cool grass under the shade of a large tree.

On a totally unrelated note, were you aware that deer will eat bananas?  I placed a very ripe banana out in my butterfly garden to see what types of butterflies it might attract.  When I went to check on it a little later in the day it had completely disappeared, peel and all.  Judging by the tracks on the ground, a white-tailed deer had helped itself -- before wandering over to the parsley patch and freshening its breath.


Floridacracker said...

Well, they don't eat banana trees, because that is the one thing they have not ravaged around here!
Seems to be a great year for cottontails down here.

Maybe my brush piles are bearing fruit.

biobabbler said...

Delightful post. I def. feel for animals when it's blistering.

It was "only" in the 90s yesterday, but the chickens were stuck in the garden all day 'cause their coop was getting retrofitted. I wandered around our property and found a few things to lean against the garden fence to make shade. And they'd take turns standing in the water dish to cool their feet. Poor things--but smart. =)

swamp4me said...

Maybe the deer only like partially peeled, overripe bananas ;)

Haha...great mental picture of chickens wading in the water dish!