Road Trip, the Final Act

After we left the campground, Treebeard and I headed out along a trail that was about a mile long. We kept our eyes open for anything that might be out and about. Here are a few of the photos we took along the trail...

A young garden spider waiting patiently for a snack to run into its web.
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A damselfly teased us by flying close and sitting just long enough for us to focus the camera before flying away.
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An empty shell of its former self, a cicada exuvia was perched on a leaf next to the trail.
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This swamp darner wasn't feeling up to snuff, I'm afraid.  We found it in the middle of the trail.  I transferred it to an upright stem in a shrub.  I hope it was able to recover and fly away -- swamp darners are one of my favorite dragons.
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This beauty teased us by flying just out of range of our cameras the first time we saw it.  Luckily, patience pays off when one is dealing with dragons.  We waited and this golden-winged skimmer finally cooperated for a photo.
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My favorite find of the day was this bagworm on sycamore.  These moths are really weird -- the female never leaves her little bag and never grows wings.  But boy can she eat!!

And that's the last of the photos from our road trip.  Thanks for sticking with me!

If you'd like to know more about Pettigrew State Park, please go to www.ncparks.gov


KaHolly said...

So many treasures on your walk! That Swamp Darner is huge! How lucky that they cooperated just long enough for you to shoot a few quick pictures. Of course the spider and the bagworm had little choice. What a nice variety of odonata. ~karen

swamp4me said...

Swamp darners are one of my favorite odes. They look almost prehistoric cruising through the swamp.

jason said...

Darners of any kind are cool in my book. Beautiful giants!

It sounds like you had a great trip, Swampy. Lots to see. Glad you enjoyed it!