Yard Finds

Hiding in plain site down in the corner of the yard this morning. I walked right past without seeing it.  Treebeard saw it and took this picture.

Freshly shed exoskeleton of a blue dasher dragonfly nymph.

A nest with eggs in a dark corner of the shed.  This is the second Prothonotary Warbler nest in the yard this year.

I posted all these on my Facebook page but thought I would share them here as well.  Other yard finds today included an eastern mud turtle in the compost and a black rat snake below the garden.  Tadpoles have colonized all the water in any open container.  Yep, it's a jungle out there.


Woodswalker said...

Oh my! So many wonderful finds!

Anonymous said...

Great finds! You mentioned a facebook account. It would be so much easier for me to follow you there rather than here... Would mind letting me know what is your FB name or address? If you want to send it privately email it at gillesarbour@gmail.com

Or you can 'friend" me at http://www.facebook.com/gilles.arbour

biobabbler said...

Hey, I clicked to comment for same reason as gillesarbour: que is your facebook page/name??? Also, as above, biobabbler at g mail dot com
=) Or, go to www.facebook.com/biobabbler and like me then I'll know where you are. Either way. Happy Monday.

And, btw, SO ENVIOUS of prothonotary warb babies!!! wow. FANCY.

Whitney said...

Very beautiful pictures :)

swamp4me said...

Thank you.