Leaf-cutter Bee Nest?

Ever wonder what those leaf-cutter bees do with all those leaves they cut?  I think we found out this afternoon.  Treebeard lowered one of the rolled-up shades on the front porch and this fell out...

It is a pretty intricate structure.  We want to see what emerges from this nest so I rolled the structures back up, this time using newspaper.  The roll will go into a screen box and we'll wait to see what comes out.  I'll keep you posted.


River Mud said...

Yes. They are out early this year. Redbud leaves are probably among the mix.

Lisa Wagner said...

I love your photo of the leafcutter nests -- might you be willing to let me use it on an interpretive sign at the SC Botanical Garden at Clemson University? (I'm doing a series of signs on native bees). I'm a fellow blogger, too, btw.


swamp4me said...

Hi Lisa,

Yes, you may use the photo. If you are required to do so, please credit the photo to Signa Williams.