Snow Walk

The booger bear of a winter storm that dropped ice and snow in the deep south slid up our way, too.  We got 8 inches of very dry, fluffy snow Tuesday night.  It was our second round of snow this month.  We were expecting temperatures in the teens last night but Mother Nature had a different plan.  We dipped below zero - so despite the sunshine today, it looks as if the snow cover is going to stick around for a day or two longer.

Treebeard and I headed out for a walk during the mid-afternoon yesterday.  We covered about a mile and a half, looking for tracks and such.  Signs of wildlife were few and far between, though.  We saw plenty of birds and bird tracks but the other critters were hanging tight it seemed.  After checking out several low areas we finally happened upon some deer sign.

We entered an area of young woods and found some criss-crossing trails.

Some of the trails offered up a little something extra.

A closer look revealed what that "extra" was.

We were surprised by the number of piles of droppings that we found in a relatively small area.  Guess the deer had been eating well prior to the snowfall.

As we followed the trails, we came upon an area where the deer had bedded down on either side of a large downed tree.  One of the deer must have been anti-social or else there just wasn't room for one more on the other side.
 Three beds on this side of the log.

Hope they cuddled up last night.  -3 degrees F is chilly for these parts.


catharus said...

Yes so unusual for your part of the country. It would be most interesting to observe wildlife during such conditions when they likely haven't see the likes before either. I guess it will all be gone by the weekend.

swamp4me said...

We are expecting highs in the mid- to upper-40s today, mid-to-upper-50s Saturday and mid-to-upper-60s on Sunday.