We don't get snow often and we certainly don't get temperatures in the teens very often.  We got both last night.  We awoke to a dazzlingly bright morning with a whopping 1.7 inches of snow on the ground.  Wind chills were below zero.  Chilly willy, for sure. 

 Roux, our foster dog, sporting her purple 'Walk Your Dog with Love' harness.  I don't often endorse products, but I will give two thumbs up for this harness.  If you have a dog that pulls, you might want to check out the walkyourdogwithlove.com site.

It's an odd perspective, but look back to the right, behind the wind chimes.  That's our lone bee hive.  It's crazy to think that just yesterday morning the bees were out working like crazy.  Today they were tucked in tight.  This is the second round of really cold weather we have had this month.  Bet the bees are over it and ready for spring!

I found angel tracks under the redbud tree in the front yard :)

The brush pile next to the snow covered limb is where a bunch of those angels hang out.  I bet there were over 80 birds in there this morning.  It is a popular place for the feathered critters in the yard.

The weather folks say it's going to be cold for the next few days.  I guess that means that some of this white stuff is going to hang around for a while.  Sure hope all of it is melted away before seven days have passed.  My grandmother always said if snow stays on the ground for seven days, it's waiting for more to come...


Pablo said...

Nice you have the novelty of snow. I understand we here in the midwest can expect more, but I've had enuf for the season.

swamp4me said...

I would find it difficult to live in a place where snow was commonplace. In my opinion, a little of the white stuff goes a long way. I do enjoy watching it fall and I can appreciate its beauty but I am always ready for it to melt after a day or two. Hope you don't get too much more over your way!