Green treefrog


Anvilcloud said...

I like them all and really like this one.

swamp4me said...

Unfortunately I like green treefrogs too much -- I have well over 200 photographs of different individuals :)

Jenn said...

Green treefrog and aphid.

You take such lovely photos.
(slightly green myself)

chryscat said...

I was bragging about you the other day. We were over at a friend's house, and there was a cute, little froggie stuck to the side of their house. It had little suction thingies on it's toes.
And everyone was trying to figure out whether it was male or female. Then I had to pipe up that I knew someone who could tell just by looking at it.
All were impressed and amazed. *grinning*
GREAT picture!

lené said...

This is one of my favorites!