A Sunday Walk

Some things we saw today

Shame on me, I failed to ID the things in the picture. Let me correct that.

Top row, left to right:
Chantrelle sp., an edible mushroom
Coreopsis sp.
Helenium sp., common name "sneeze-weed"

Middle row, left to right:
Polygala lutea, Yellow milkwort
Platanthera cristata, Yellow-crested orchis
Fungus noideaii (Yep, that's right, I have no idea which fungus this is)

Bottom row, left to right:
Polygala sp.
Woodwardia areolata, Netted chainfern and W. virginica, Virginia chainfern
wild turkey feather


Anvilcloud said...

That's nicely put together.

toadlikker said...

Just visited your blog for the first time tonight and loved it! Excellent work!

SquirrleyMojo said...

oooo--nifty special effects.

username said...

*is impressed and applauds*

Anonymous said...

I'm lovin' the montage.

Floridacracker said...

On the top row, right corner, is that some kind of weird gaillardia?
I love the yellow fringe orchid. I used to own a swamp with wild pine lillies, green pitchers, and yellow fringe orchids.
Nicely done.
Take care.

funkysmell said...

nice pics

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Soon these will all be melted into one blob of an image thanks to lovely weather. I'm glad we got to check it out before that happened.

swamp4me said...

FC, the flower in the top right corner is sneeze-weed, Helenium sp. It is common on roadsides around here.

Watchmania said...

Lovely photos, as usual. Whose feather is that?

Jenn said...

Thanks for the idents!

SparkyDiva said...

i just wanted you to know that i stop by your blog often and i love love LOVE it!

benny said...

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