For Ontario Wanderer, As Promised

My December 11th post dealt with "duckweed." Seven genera were mentioned in that post. With Treebeard's invaluable assistance, I have done my best to identify them to species correctly.

For an excellent introduction to duckweeds and other interesting plants, may I direct you to Wayne's Word.

Sorry it took so long for me to get around to doing this, OW!

Azolla caroliniana (Mosquito fern or Water-velvet) This one is not a duckweed, but is often found along with the duckweed mats on the millpond. The Azolla is green in the summer but turns to a velvety red in the fall.

Ricciocarpus natans (a Thallose Liverwort commonly called Purple-fringed Riccia)

Wolffiella gladiata (Sword bogmat or Florida mudmidget)

Spirodela polyrrhiza (Common water-flaxseed, Big duckweed)

Spirodela punctata (Dotted water-flaxseed, Dotted duckweed, Dotted duckmeat) syn: Landoltia punctata

Lemna valdiviana (Pale duckweed)

Wolffia brasiliensis (Watermeal)


Rurality said...

Very impressive!

Floridacracker said...

Wow, you two really did a good job.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Thank you very much!!! It will be a whole new area for me to investigate! A quick check of my old copy of the Ontario Plant List told me that we have the Azolla, the Ricciocarpus and one of the Spirodelas here and other species of the other genera you mention but not the ones you identified. I also checked out Wayne's Word and will have to spend more time there. It looks to be a very excellent source of information. Thanks again for this very informative post!

Pushesrb said...

Very nice! :) Oh, and Merry Christmas to you too (didn't have access to my computer for the past couple of days.) You might wanna go and check out my most recent blog...it's another one of those just my luck things.

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Silver Zephyr said...

The purple fringed riccia is beautiful! It looks like it might crawl right out of the water on its "legs".