Happy Birthday, Treebeard!

December 31, 1953...a very important date to me. It was the day my best friend and soulmate was born.
Happy Birthday, Treebeard! I love you more than you can know. Posted by Picasa


Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Happy birthday Treebeard!! Wooo hooo!!

And happy NY to the both of ya.

Floridacracker said...

THAT is the finest compliment a husband can get! Happy Birthday Treebeard and Happy New Year to all swamp things!

Pushesrb said...

Well, tell Treebeard I said Happy Birthday!!! :) Happy New Years as well. Hope that you have a good one!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you make the finest couple--what's better than a tree and a swamp?? :-)
happy bday great love of swampy!

any advice for a couple going on the big TEN (except give up and start over--I hate that one)?


swamp4me said...

SQ, don't give up - I hate that one, too.
My only advice is this: treat your partner as you want to be treated. It's worked for us for going on 26 years of marriage :)