Resinous Polypore, Maybe?

Treebeard has been keeping an eye on this whopper of a 'shroom the past couple of days. Currently, it measures 49 cm across, 24 cm deep. (you can divide by 2.54 if you want to convert to inches...)
It is growing near the base of a dead sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua).

From a distance for a little perspective.

From a bit closer to appreciate the fact that it has absorbed the fence.

And finally, right along the edge to note the ooze.

Something's up with either my monitor or with Hello because these pictures were much sharper before I loaded 'em on the blog. Curious.


Watchmania said...

That's a truly humungus fungus.

Re: the photos - blogger seems to compress the file when you upload, no doubt in order to save memory space, and the result is a poorer quality image than the original file. It's more noticeable on some pictures than on others.

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

Hello always takes away some of the crispness of the images I post. Even when I stopped using it, the images are never as good as my original.

Nice ooze though. I can clearly see the ooze.

Anvilcloud said...

Yes, there's no doubt that Blogger compresses images. Just about every web image, even outside of Blogger, is degraded in some way in order to save bandwidth. I was working on an image today, and had to reduce its quality to 20% because of its "weight". On a typical photo, I reduce the quality to 50-60% even before Blogger gets a hold of it.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Super mushroom. I understand, from reading, that shelf fungi are OK to eat but a little less exciting than chewing on the tree they are growing upon.

Jenn said...

I feel sorry for those trees, bound in the wire fencing. Ouch!

lené said...

Can you tell how old it (the mushroom) is by it's size or other factors?

Silver Zephyr said...

I've been thinking about the title on your blog..."nothing insightful or witty, just..." Beautiful photos of nature (much of it things I have never before seen) ARE insightful and do inspire thought. And I've read an occasional witty remark here and and there too. I don't know what you could change it to. But I think it deserves more credit. Just a thought!

kim said...

blogger does not compress images.
check properties of the image and compare size to your original. if it's different you might wanna check for such settings in hello.
on the other hand, they look fine and sharp enough here. i think maybe the page colors moderate how sharp they appear.
having seen these, maybe my own efforts will be a little better next season.