After Alberto

Eumorpha pandorus visiting the back porch light.

The back porch was a busy place yesterday as several critters sought refuge from the rains of Alberto.

Out in the yard the frogs were singing - happy with the 5.1 inches of rain we received yesterday. We heard Cope's Gray Treefrogs, Little Grass Frogs, and Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toads. Off in the distance, singing from the pond, we heard Green Treefrogs and Cricket Frogs. Had we traveled down the road about a half mile or so, we probably would have heard Eastern Spadefoot Toads.

Yep, everybody was feeling froggy yesterday. Posted by Picasa


Wayne said...

You lucky dog. We had 0.05" rain from Alberto - and are in drought for the last three months.

Our copes gray tree frogs are our house frogs. I know those narrow-mouth toads - I dug one up from its hiding place under a log last year. We call them "microheads". Real squealers, them.

Nice moth there, Swampy!

Clare said...

Which leads to my favourite quote on frogs...

"I like the look of frogs, and their outlook, and especially the way they get
together in wet places on warm nights and sing about sex."

- Archie Carr, The Windward Road.

Silver Zephyr said...

i know many folks have asked you this at some point in the past, but I'm going to ask again. what kind of camera are you using???

pablo said...

Seems like everyone is doing an "After Alberto" post. I guess I could do one too, but up in Missouri there just wasn't much to do about it.

swamp4me said...

Wayne, sorry to hear you didn't get any of the wet stuff. Keep doing your rain dance, it'll come.

Clare, that's a great quote! Frogs are among my favorite beasts.

SZ, I use a Panasonic DMC-FZ5 Lumix.

Pablo, luckily for us Alberto was primarily a rain event. There were some trees that came down because of soggy soil and I worried for the nests and chicks of ground nesting songbirds, but all-in-all we fared pretty well.

Floridacracker said...

Very frogapaloozic here too.
Archie Carr was a national (Florida) treasure. Sigh...