Up on the Roof

The five inches of rain that Alberto dropped on us caused a substantial rise in the water level in the millpond. When the water rises, the interiors of the beaver lodges that dot the pond and swamp become flooded and the beaver have to climb out onto their rooftops. This family of five was snoozing away until we paddled by and disturbed them. You can see the little ones all lined up in classic nursing position. Sadly, my memory card hit full with this shot. I wish I had had just one more - then you could have seen the startled faces of all five ;) Posted by Picasa


Floridacracker said...

Great shot! They are an animal that we have, but I never see here in FL. We just haven't crossed paths yet.

meresy_g said...

Awesome photo. Beavers are so elusive. You almost never see them, usually just the tip of the tail after they have gone under. How many adult beavers are in that photo?

swamp4me said...

we've got a healthy population around here. On Saturday we saw 16 beaver.

there are two adults and three kits in the picture.