I'm just not too good at this housecleaning stuff. The situation indoors is still dire. Another day of house arrest...


Wayne said...

Periodic housework, as infrequent as possible. I don't know about you, Swampy, but I get precious little help from You Know Who.

Our house is a paragon of vaguely organized chaos. At maximum entropy it is barely distinguishable from the outdoors - a situation in which I plead that people wipe their feet before they go outside. I call it a "working house". My parents view it with horror.

swamp4me said...

I can't complain about getting no help - Treebeard washes all the dishes. I absolutely hate to wash dishes.
I simply don't notice how bad the house is until we have unexpected company or company is coming -- then the scales fall from my eyes and I see just how absolutely ridiculous things have gotten. For instance, I cannot see the computer desk, it is covered with scraps of paper, field guides, notebooks, etc. The couch is full of clean, yet-to-be-folded clothes. The recliner is covered with more field guides and texts. The rocking chair holds my day pack and various parts of my uniform. And the floor...what floor? You can't see it for the shoes, boots, dog hair, and yes, field guides and texts!! Help.

catherine said...

I heard this years ago and wish I could remember all the degrees. It was a rating sheet for housecleaning.

#1 meant you could be ready to have the Queen of England to a sit-down dinner with just a half-hour to prepare.

# (some incredible number) meant you needed six months to prepare for a drop-in from King Kong.

I can't recall any of the other numbers, but I found it hysterically funny. Where do you rate, Swamp4me?

swamp4me said...

catherine -
I definitely rate up there near the #(some incredible number). My sister, the psychologist, always told me the chaotic state of my house was due to the fact that I am a perfectionist -- if it can't be perfectly neat, then I opt for perfectly messy :)

Girl Gone Gardening said...

I compleatly understand this post....

I do house work as little as possible. It has to be #1- too hot or cold
too hot= 90+ with 75% humidty so long as im broke and cant afford the gas to get myself to michigan for some cooler hiking :D too cold= 15 degrees or less. Unless of course I can go hiking somewhere south.

Thank goodness hubby likes to clean :D

Floridacracker said...

Beautiful view.
Upstairs window?

SquirrleyMojo said...

So true! "I simply don't notice how bad the house is until we have unexpected company or company is coming"--this hits it on the nail.

my realtor made a comment about how "let go" one of the houses we looked at was & by "professional" people . . . ha! Those/we people focus so much on our work that no one (male or female) is left "inside" to do domestic chores. Yet, there must be an answer . . . did you find one?

swamp4me said...

Actually, it was a downstairs window :) I'm afraid to go upstairs -- that's where I stash all the junk that I'm too lazy to organize.

No answers here, I'm afraid. Despite my best intentions I just can't seem to create an orderly interior environment. I'll give you an example -- yesterday, after work, I was determined to wrestle the library into shape. I was working along, putting things away when I made a fatal mistake. I opened the cabinet where all the family pictures are. Whoops. Since yesterday was my younger son's birthday I decided to look at a "couple" of pictures...ha! Two hours later I was still looking at pictures and glanced up to notice that I had spread the pictures all over the floor. I am hopelessly inept :)

Rurality said...

I am exactly the same! I like the perfectionist rationalization, can I use it too? ;)

I have tried to be better but I haven't quite managed to get the hang of it.