About 80 Miles, WSW

Yesterday, while attending a workshop on self-guided interpretive trail design, I had some time to take a walk in the rain (time is something one has in abundance when one misreads the starting time for one's class and arrives two hours early). Walking in wet woods holds a special appeal for me. There is something about the quality of the light, the muted sounds and the deep fragrance of the duff that touches me in a way I can't quite describe.

The park where the class was held is in North Carolina's fall zone, an area of transition between our coastal plain and piedmont regions. Although it is only about 80 miles to my west southwest, it is an area quite different from the coastal plain. I enjoyed having the opportunity to walk up an actual hill and see those most intriguing of objects, rocks. We don't have rocks in the swamp and our highest "hill" in the home swamp reaches the staggering elevation of 40 feet. All of my adult life I have lived in the northeastern coastal plain of NC and I love it here, but deep inside I guess there lurks a child of the piedmont and I sometimes miss the hills, rocks, and yes, even the red clay that I grew up with.


Floridacracker said...

Beautiful creek.
Yup, the flatlands do lack rocks and streams with rippley currents... at least here.
I'm not counting the ubiquitous chalky limestone as a "rock".

swamp4me said...

When I was a kid I always pictured myself moving to the mountains, never thought I would end up being a dyed-in-the-wool flatlander. Of course, that was before I had ever been in a real swamp. It was a sort of love at first sight thing I guess (no wait, that was Treebeard I fell in love with at first sight -- the swamp took two looks).

Anvilcloud said...

I think that all regions have something to offer: mountains, piedmont, plains and shields.

meresy_g said...

I love walks in wet woods too. The sound is so muted and the smell is so....woodsy. And you often see things you wouldn't normally notice.

Cathy said...

Yes, yes . . it's the fragrance that is the essence, but I have to carry a kleenex as the mold spores come with the ecstasy :0)