Blogger, or perhaps Picasa, is misbehaving and I am displeased. My pictures are not loading properly. Anyone out there know why this might be the case?? I haven't changed anything that I am aware of, haven't futzed around with any settings...so, any ideas? You people are way smarter than me and I need your help :/


Floridacracker said...

Not smarter, just previously in the same boat ... about a year ago. I got the "delete Picasa and then reload" advice, but it still wouldn't work right. I emailed the Picasa nerds with a desperate description of the problem and they had some link that cleaned up the rest of the old Picasa file, so the new download would work.

My initial problem was a sudden stoppage of Picasa. As I recall, the usual automatic log on just stopped happening. No problems since then except for the sporadic Blogger server brown outs.

Feelin' your pain.

coturnix said...

See if uploading directly with Blogger (i.e., ignoring Picassa) may work. Just click on the picture-icon in the wysywig and follow the directions.

LauraO said...

Today was the first day in weeks I've been able to upload more than one photo to Blogger without spending hours doing it. My guess is it won't last. I don't know why that happens, or why they can't fix the darn thing! I even switched blog providers for a while, and may do so again. Just so you know, I don't use Picassa and I'm betting it's a Blogger issue. Wanted to see the toad pic, but it didn't come through :-(