The planets are refusing to align for me. I'm sure it is a cosmic conspiracy. Things simply will not calm down enough around here to allow me the time to blog. I have more vacation pictures to post and I owe you some text for the last post...maybe next week, while I'm recovering from PRK on my right eye. We'll see (no pun intended).


Anonymous said...

What's PRK? Sounds no fun- I hope it gets better. Looking foreward to next week!

swamp4me said...

Lynne -
Not to worry, PRK isn't too bad. It is corrective laser surgery that will liberate me from the contact that I wear in my right eye. I had my left eye done in December and had excellent results. I'm hoping for equally good results this time. As my eye doctor says, PRK isn't sexy, but it is a more reliable technique.

Floridacracker said...

Take care and speedy recovery.

coturnix said...


I hope that you can make it to the first-ever Science Blogging Conference, to be held on January 20th in Chapel Hill. Can you come? Do you want to do more than just show up and be there, but actually help the meeting run smoothly or lead a break-out session? If so, contact me.