10-41, 10-7

I'll be gone the next four days...having big fun at in-service training. Tis the time of year we get our legal updates, review special popualtions, review the latest in dealing with domestic violence and gangs, requalify with our firearms, learn new subject control and arrest techniques, and have our physical assessments.

Don't you wish you were going with me? (FC, you don't count - you probably would enjoy it!)

I'll try to post something next weekend. Meanwhile, y'all have a good one!


Anonymous said...

Yes I would.
I could use a good refreshing.
Are you guys dropping 10 codes for plain English?

Anonymous said...

Oh the snarky comments.
Not on you, but on the system.

That whole grand canyon thing has my head spinning.

swamp4me said...

We're on a break and I was able to snag a computer to check my email. Tomorrow we have defensive tactics first thing. Hope I don't jam my fingers fighting the ranger in the 'red man' suit because we have firearms on Wednesday.
We haven't been told to stop using 10 codes yet but I imagine we will if and when the local LEOs switch.

swamp4me said...

I'm feeling a little snarky toward the system these days...