Going Up


A young crossvine climbing a relatively young sycamore. Wonder what it will look like if I come back in 10 or 15 years... Posted by Picasa


Rurality said...

For some reason sycamores don't seem to last long around here. They all just topple over when you'd think they had many years left to grow. I wonder if it has anything to do with our water table being so high...?

Of course since you're in a swamp I guess yours is too. Well let me know if you have any ideas!

swamp4me said...

That is curious. Sycamores usually like it pretty wet, but not sopping wet. I don't know what might be the cause of your sycamore dilemma.

Anonymous said...

Sycamores of any size are a rarity here. We must be at their southern terminus.

There's a few around and their whitish bark always makes them stand out.

swamp4me said...

Sycamores are one of my all-time favorite trees. I even wrote a poem about them in third grade. I love the leaves, the distinctive bark, the seeds, and even the feel of the tree.