Waxwings Everywhere

I spy with my little eye...

...a whole flock of cedar waxwings gobbling down berries from supplejack vines.


cityfarmer said...

When I lived in Michigan years ago..I was bombarded with waxwings on day...never again...what a lovely sight this was...

chat soon, I hope.

pablo said...

They are a smart looking bird, aren't they? I saw a flock of them at Roundrock one time, but I've never seen them there again. I suppose they are around and I just don't have the patience to sit still long enuf for them to venture close.

Anonymous said...

I've only seen waxwings twice, a treat both times. They look like they've spent too much time at the make-up counter.

Anonymous said...

They nest in my area. I am privileged. Love their sleek looks and beepy calls.

Mark said...

I saw a flock of waxwings descend on a cherry laurel outside my parents' dining room. It was the first and last time I ever saw them.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange that almost everyone has the same waxwing experience. I saw one once here and never again. Secretive birds until they overwhelm you I guess.

swamp4me said...

The waxwings love it here. Plenty of berries for them to eat.

Most of the time when I see them it is as they fly overhead or perch in the very tops of trees. I love to get a close look at them when I can.

LOL Yes, they do look like they have been to the make-up counter.

I have seen them in the spring here even though all the range maps show them as winter birds in our area. You are indeed privileged to have them nest in your area.

They do tend to swoop in in bunches. I saw about 150 in the top of a tulip poplar earlier this winter.

I saw waxwings only rarely before I started working in the swamp. Apparently we have what they want so we get to see them quite often.

Anonymous said...

Late, but ditto. They leave an impression with their frantic flock movements and ability to wipe out a berry crop in a few minutes of swirling mayhem.
They are something.