Hey, Peter!

Yep, it's little Peter Cottontail, but instead of raiding Mr. MacGregor's garden, he's been nibbling clover in our yard. He's a tiny little thing - no bigger than Treebeard's closed fist. It drives my strictly indoor cats crazy to watch him from the window. I know what they'd do if they could get to him...it wouldn't be pretty (which is one reason my cats are not allowed out).

Little cottontails are everybody's favorite treat - from the big old rat snake that lives in the hollow tree in the front yard to the great horned owl that haunts the wood's edge. Lucky for him that our yard offers plenty of hiding places and an abundance of food. With luck, he just might make it to adulthood.

Oh, and many thanks to Treebeard for the photo.
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Cathy said...

OK. This is getting better. Now we've got Peter joining Winky in their adventure in the Great Swamp - a cast of villainous characters trying to turn them into scat . . . (Well, if not a Disney adventure, at least a good children's book)

swamp4me said...

Hehe, if Peter doesn't stay out of the garden we might turn him into scat!!

Cathy said...

Oh Gawd! No rabbit scat photos! Pleeeezz. Now, feral cat - that might be another story . . . . (Just kidding - sort of)

Rurality said...

I like them but... I liked them a lot better before they ate almost every bean we planted!