Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga), aka water turkey or snake bird. Yeah, she's there, but you have to look hard. Not the most cooperative of subjects, but I was determined to get some sort of shot. Considering I was in a canoe and the bird was a good distance up in the tree, I had to settle for a through-the-foliage approach. We don't get these birds up our way that often, but two have been hanging out in the upper end of the pond all season. They have a very interesting flight profile - sort of a flying cross.
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jojo said...

I love these guys. i have one that roosts in a dead tree in my neighbors yard almost every night. Just love when they open their wings to sundbathe.

Floridacracker said...

When I was a kid I tried to rescue a water turkey caught in fishing line and hanging from a tree.

He almost took my eye out with that sharp bill.

At that age, it never occured to me that he would see me as a threat.

Cathy said...

I seem to remember that the male has the prettiest eye-liner when he's in breeding plumage.

swamp4me said...

They do look cool in that pre-historic pose of theirs.

Wouldn't it be great if could communicate with the critters we try to help? I imagine being "saved" is a terrifying experience for many of them. Glad you still have both eyes ;)

I find them to be oddly attractive birds. Love the way they look when they soar.