Green Heron

The pond was full of herons and egrets today. We also saw a few osprey and a couple of anhingas. Anhingas are relatively uncommon here so it was interesting to see them and have the chance to get a couple of photos - not very good photos, but still. Of course, when I tried to post them they turned into the dreaded little red x in a box. I was not amused. It seems that Picasa and Blogger are up to no good again, gobbling up my pictures and closing unexpectedly. It's enough to make a person cuss. I still think a large part of the problem is my dial-up connection. Tomorrow I plan to call and make arrangements to have satellite service installed. It'll run us about $5o.oo a month, but at least my blood pressure might return to normal ;)
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Ned Hughes said...

I haven't seen a heron in years. That must be fantastic. 50 a month isn't too bad, but that could just be geographical for here.

Cathy said...

So they're messing with your mind, too! The RED X! ARGHHHH!

Well, at least they didn't gobble your heron picture. It's beautiful - and I enjoyed the other pixes below, particularly the darling fawn.