Give Us A Kiss

Rana sphenocephala utricularia
Southern Leopard Frog


Woodswalker said...

Well sure. Why not? I would kiss that frog in an instant. Cutie pie!

sweet bay said...

Nice picture! I hear those but hardly ever see them.

jason said...

I always have to crawl through wet brush and tick-infested thicket to see these little guys where they hide, yet you find one out in the open just waiting for a photo op... The universe is so cruel!

My own jealousy aside, great photo!

swamp4me said...

I just love those lips!

sweet bay,
Leopards are very common here. Some years it's hard to walk near a ditch without stepping on one!

You'd laugh if you saw how many zoomed shots I took before I realized this frog was going to cooperate for an actual close-up.
Now, if I only had your skill with a camera...

Garden Lily said...

Great photo!

Sylvia said...

hehehehe..like the heading. Great prince/princess in disguise.