Peculiar, I Reckon

She is my problem child. Loving, yes, but she has some habits that drive us up the wall. She also has some habits that just make us shake our heads and wonder. For instance, she loves to eat spider webs and can often be found reaching out into the overlooked corners of the room harvesting web with her paws. Odd, don't you think?

But one of her odder habits is pictured below. Every evening when the lamp is switched on, Wiki hops up on the table and sits under the lamp shade.
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As she sit there, she stares at the light bulb. Sometimes she even rests her chin on the lamp as she gazes up at the glow.
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Weirdness, thy name is Wicket.


Woodswalker said...

There's just no accounting for the weirdness of cats. I can say that because I currently have three of my own and have had many more. So I know. At first I thought maybe Wicket just liked the warmth of the bulb. But then you said she stared at the bulb. Very weird, indeed. Is there any possibility she is going blind?

MObugs said...

I love it! There is no end to the strangeness of cats. We have Crazy Casey who begs for food, rolls over to have his belly scratched and "asks" to be let out to potty (no kitty litter for this kitty), and to top it all off he has decided that the toilet is the basin of choice to find a drink, never the cat bowl.

swamp4me said...

She's given no indication that her eyesight is going. Of course, staring at a light bulb can't be good for her eyes!

She's an odd one. The other night she woke me up in the wee hours by scratching on a picture hanging in the den. It is a framed wetlands poster with loads of critters in it. As far as I can tell she was after the image of a frog...

Pablo said...

I don't suppose she will run the sweeper or do the laundry?

Randy Emmitt said...

I bet winter just has her depressed and she's not getting enough sunlight. Or she is a little wacked.

jason said...

That's hysterical! Cats are a strange kind of folk indeed. Don't you just love these quirks?

kaholly said...

You've jsut gotta' love 'em!!

Ellen Rathbone said...

HM...maybe she was a moth in a former life. That would explain her desire to destroy webs now, and her attraction to the lights!

sweet bay said...

That's hilarious! Perhaps she's trying to tell you she needs one of those full-spectrum light bulbs? :)

MObugs said...

I am in love with your cat. Her quirkiness is endearing. I would have loved to have seen her pawing that picture trying to "capture" that frog. She was probably planning to "gift" it to you...LOL

swamp4me said...

She is like the lily of the valley, she neither sews nor spins...she does, however, purr like a maniac all the time :)

I, too, have wondered if she suffers from SAD -- but I think it's more likely that she's a little wacked.

I do love their quirks. Nothing makes me smile more than the antics of the felines that share our home.

So true!

That would explain a lot ;)

sweet bay,
She has picked the last remaining incandescent bulb in the house...she may go through withdrawal when it burns out and I replace it with a CFL

Her glass scratching habits bring a smile during the day -- in the middle of the night they elicit quite another reaction :D

clixchix said...

My terrier Jack makes for lamps to sit under, especially in the Winter months. I'd always figured it was because he'd discovered they give off some warmth, but I'm sure the brightness attracts him too, especially when the days are short and overcast. (I use large lamps in my studio, and he'll often find a chair to climb onto to get as close as possible to one of them.) I think your cat has the same inclinations.

swamp4me said...

You may be right. Of course, this is the cat that likes to lick printer ink off of labels and nylon webbing...

Anonymous said...

Swampy- I have had two cats that do the lamp routine. You've met one of them, Miss Mattie. She had other strange quirks like eating anything green or stringy. She especially loves plastic brooms. Go figure. Perhaps that is the cat's function, to keep us guessing. Happy New Year to you and Treebeard! Maineiac

swamp4me said...

They definitely keep us guessing - plus guests find it entertaining ;)

Happy New Year to you, too! Hope 2010 treats us all well.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, could be, at one time that Oak was considered as firewood, however if so, they began cutting pretty high up.

I find the Wiki photos to be humorous, LOL. I like cats and had one at one time but had to give him away, as I had to move and my new home or apartment, did not allow pets. It is nice to have ran across your blog as I am in the mountains of Western North Carolina. : )

swamp4me said...

The cuts are quite high. I'm beginning to think that perhaps they were trying to cut out a dead portion or something...perplexing.

Wiki is quite the quirky cat. I'm glad you enjoy her photos.