Weasel Watches

Wiki, Smidgeon, and Friday have each had their turn at a close-up. Now it's Weasel's turn. Don't let her diminutive stature fool you, she's a tough guy and keeps all the other animals in line.

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nfmgirl said...

She looks like my old girl long gone now. Here name was Sass. She was ornery with the animals, but LOVED all people.

Sally said...

She's a beauty! Black cats have a tough time, how lucky for you to have two of them! (or more? I can't remember the others' colors)

jason said...

What a darling face! Black cats are always the sweetest (probably because they have a bad reputation and have to make up for the challenges by being extra special).

Carol said...

And she knows she's a beauty..just look at that face.