Redundant Post

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. We have had our 3rd accumulating snow and it isn't even winter yet. This morning we had snow followed by sleet and rain in the afternoon. Luckily we haven't had ice, but the weird thing is that the snow hasn't melted in the rain. The result is a slushy, nasty mess.

Through the window this morning...

From the front porch this afternoon after several hours of rain...

Smidgen's print in the snow -- he did not like it at all.
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The weather folks are saying we have a chance for more wintery weather this weekend - oh boy :\


jason said...

I'm so jealous! I know we got it last year and I have to enjoy it vicariously through others this year, but couldn't you share some of it? Even just a little?

Regardless, stay warm and safe. And enjoy!

swamp4me said...

Tell you what, I'll try really hard to send you the next snow that comes our way!